R Eject

$9.90 / month

New assignments every week helps you to progress towards the best version of you.

R Eject will remind you to think as you intend. It will remind you to speak as you intend.

R Eject is your anonymous coach leading you towards your own goals and your new life.

You can cancel your R-Eject account at any time.



The tools you need to re-launch life from a tough spot

  • How can I get a better confidence?
  • How do I build my positivity?
  • How do I move from problems to solutions?
  • How do I increase my energy?
  • How do I move from victim to winner?

R Eject is your personal coach – in a system. It will remind you and help you re-inforce your positive sides. All can be done by yourself without other peoples involvement. That is a strength often needed when having been subject to other peoples ideas and thoughts for a long time. R Eject gives you the time and tools to get to know what YOU really want, before you listen to everybody else’s opinions. And that might be just what is needed for you at this time?


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